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What Does a Color Consultant Do in Westhampton Beach, NY?

Apr 11, 2021

Choosing the colors for your space is no simple task. Colors have a direct effect on the mind, body and soul. You will want to take many things into consideration before nailing down the colors you are going to live with on a daily basis. If this task seems daunting, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. […]

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How Do I Choose Interior Paint Colors for My House in Westhampton, NY?

Apr 4, 2021

When you are ready to freshen up a room and make a splash with a new color you want to make sure you decide on a color that you will be happy with. Choosing the wrong color can really cause a room to feel unpleasant and not anything like what you were going for. Paint […]

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What is a Color Consultation? How to Choose Paint Colors in Water Mill, NY

Mar 30, 2021

Moving into a new home is exciting and can often feel like you’ve been given a fresh clean canvas to work with. Even if you haven’t purchased a new home, the home you live in now can still become a clean canvas if you are looking to repaint the interior and give it a fresh […]

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What are the Trendy & Dramatic Paint Colors of 2021 in Wainscott, NY?

Mar 21, 2021

This past year has been one for the history books, with many families having to make adjustments to working from home, virtual learning for children, and sheltering in place for at-risk family members; which for some will continue for the unforeseeable future. According to health experts, this can significantly impact our psyche and mental well-being. […]

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What is the Best Paint Color Scheme for an Office Space in Springs, NY?

Mar 14, 2021

The idea that colors have a dramatic impact on our lives has been around for a long time. Color is what makes the spaces, people and objects around us unique and different. It can change our mood whether it stimulates and energizes you, or calms and soothes you. Color is a big deal. Choosing the […]

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What are the Paint Color Trends & Popular Wall Colors for 2021 in Southampton, NY?

Mar 7, 2021

Most of us don’t buy new furniture yearly to make a room look different. This would become very expensive. There is a little known secret about what can make a room look completely different. The secret is paint. The best part about paint is that it is an inexpensive way to make that happen. Color […]

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How to Prep a Room for Painting Contractors to Paint in Shinnecock Hills, NY

Feb 28, 2021

Having a room painted is a great way to freshen up a room or add a new color or texture to your house. Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to add some pizazz and some color to a room that is maybe bland or lacking in some color. When you have made the decision […]

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Is Water Based Paint Better than Oil Based Paint in Sagaponack, NY

Feb 21, 2021

Painting a room is an affordable way to make a dramatic change. It’s no wonder that painting is on the top of many homeowner’s to-do list when it comes to home improvements. When choosing the paint for your next project, should you choose water or latex based paint or oil based paint? L.W. Winslow Painting, […]

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Tips for Painting Over Dark Colors Without Primer in Sag Harbor, NY

Feb 14, 2021

Painting the interior of your home is an excellent way to provide a little facelift inside your home.  Choosing the right color for a room is half the battle, executing the perfect paint job is the last half.  Going from light walls to dark isn’t nearly as taxing as going from dark walls to lighter […]

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Tips for Painting with Dark Colors on Walls in Amagansett, NY; Best Paint Finish & More

Feb 8, 2021

You will often be told to never, ever use dark colored paint inside your home. That dark colors will make the home look darker and feel cramped. Or that dark colors are not inviting and comfortable. For those who were told to never use dark colored paint in the home, we are here to tell […]

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