What Mistakes Do You See in DIY Interior Wall Paint Jobs in Montauk, NY?

Mar 23, 2023

To change and / or brighten a room, painting a room in your home is the most cost-effective and simplest way. The dynamics and style of a room can be transformed instantly by painting the room.  There are a few mistakes that people make that can really impact the final quality when it comes to […]

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Exterior Painting in Spring in Hampton Bays, NY

Mar 16, 2023

You have been waiting months for the snow to melt. It is finally starting to melt and the weather is starting to warm up. You start looking at your home and realized that your home needs to be painted on the exterior. Spring is a perfect time to do so. But there are a few […]

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What to Consider when Painting the Interior of a House in East Hampton, NY?

Mar 10, 2023

Whether you get excited about painting your home or dread it, you need to consider a few things before you do the job. If you have never interior painted before then you need to follow these few steps before you begin. This way you are more likely to experience a smooth process through the painting […]

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Interior Painting Facts & Myths in Bridgehampton, NY

Mar 2, 2023

Many folks will solicit advice from co-workers, family, and friends when to comes to the interior painting project in your home.  Blindly accepting myths as truths can be risky though getting free advice is never a bad thing. You can actually negatively impact the outcome with what most people mean well with what they believe […]

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Should Ceilings Be White or Same Color as Walls in Amagansett, NY

Feb 20, 2023

When it comes to painting the inside of your home, you can get dramatic results with a small investment. Nothing will brighten up your home like a fresh coat of paint on the walls. When you’re painting your home, you might be wondering what in the world you should do with your ceiling. There are […]

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Wallpaper & Wall Covering Terms in Westhampton Beach, NY

Feb 14, 2023

Today, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc continues our wallpaper and wall covering glossary of terms and phrases used in the industry to give you a clearer picture of the various services we offer and specialize in. Following is Part 2. You can view Part 1 by clicking here. Glossary of Wallpaper & Wall Covering Definitions                […]

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Wallpaper & Wall Covering Glossary in Westhampton, NY

Feb 10, 2023

L. W. Winslow Painting, Inc. goes the extra mile with customer service for our commercial and residential customers by including online assistance of painting and related services.  With our wallpaper and wall covering glossary of terms and phrases used in the industry, you can have a clearer of the various procedures and services we offer. […]

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How Do You Fix Streak Lines in Paint in Water Mill, NY?

Feb 4, 2023

When you do your own painting inside or outside of your home, or when painting cabinets or furniture, do you ever have streaks running through your paint job? Nothing looks worse than having streaks running through your paint project. Painting streaks are a very common problem and one that can be repaired and prevented by […]

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What are the Steps to Estimate an Interior Painting Job in Springs, NY?

Jan 26, 2023

Do you need the inside of your home painted? When your home is due for a major painting project, you will need to first calculate how much paint you will need and the cost of materials. When you have a major painting project you may wonder if it would make sense to seek out professional […]

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What are the Interior Paint Trends for 2023 in Southampton, NY?

Jan 18, 2023

Painting the walls can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space, no matter if you are decorating your entire living space or just one room.  In addition to fitting your home’s overall aesthetic, it is important to choose colors and patterns that work well with each other.  To help […]

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