Powerwashing & Pressure Washing

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A powerwasher or pressure washer is a high pressure sprayer that can be used to remove dirt, mold, grime, dust, mud and loose paint from surfaces. Powerwashers use controlled pressure to clean surfaces and volume is measured in gallons per minute.  The pressure and applications for powerwashers can be adjusted by using various nozzles, pump sizes and guns.  Chemical injectors or pump sprayers are used to administer or apply cleaning, bleaching and/or mold killing products.

Powerwashers can be very powerful and dangerous if not used properly. Call a professional power washing service to discuss your needs. An experienced powerwashing service or professional powerwashing company will know the proper applicators, nozzles and equipment necessary for your project. Discuss your options and desired outcome with us, we'll let you know what procedures and products are necessary to get the job done.