Interior Painting
It just takes a little imagination and a coat of paint to turn any room in your home into a masterpiece. There are a myriad of colors, textures, sheens and paint finishes to choose from. With the proper tools and preparation an experienced interior painter can completely transform your room, your home, your office or nearly any space.

Preparation -- Start with a clean surface: Clean with soap and water, or bleach if necessary to remove dirt, mildew or any residues. Remove all fixtures, switchplates, wallhangings, etc. Sand and prep the surface for finishes. Spackle holes, dings or dents to create a smooth even surface. Prime with quality interior primers to seal. After priming your walls, ceilings or trim will be ready for your desired paint finishes.

Supplies and Tools: Damp cloth, screwdriver, painter's tape, paint scraper, putty knife, sandpaper or steel wool, brushes, rollers & roller frame, paint tray and liner, plastic, tape, drop cloths. Paint Brushes come in various types and sized and should be chosen with a specific project in mind -- a small 1-2 inch brush -- flat or angled for small or tight areas and a larger 4 or 5 inch brush for larger areas. Roller thicknesses also vary according to the project at hand. The standard roller is 9 inches wide with smaller rollers available as small as 4 inches and larger rollers available as wide as 18 inches.

Paint Techniques: Brush Finish, Rolled finish, hand rubbed finish, Faux Finishes, Custom Spray Finishes.

Primers & Paint: Choosing the proper product, finish, sheen and color can be a daunting task. Ask your professional interior house painter to help. What finish is best?? Latex or Acrylic, Oil Base, Lacquer, Low VOC or "Green" paints??? Flat, satin, eggshell or high gloss finishes. Your licensed painting contractor or local paint supply profession can help.

Properly Painted Surface: A properly painted surface is described as: "One that is uniform in appearance, color and sheen. It is one that is free of forein material, lumps, skins, runs, sags, holidays, misses or strike-through marks. It is a surface which is free of drips, spatters, spills or overspray. Criteria for a properly painted surface shall be determined when viewed without magnification at a distance of five feet under normal lighting.

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